About us

LV Jewelry is a jewellery and accessories brand launched in May 2021. I, Lotte Voet, have been passionate about jewellery and accessories since childhood. I hope I can share my dream with you through this webshop.

With the corona crisis and the lockdown, I didn't know what to do so I started making jewellery. Now we are a while further on and I have my own brand which I am very proud of.

Meanwhile, I don't just make jewelry anymore but I also pick out different jewelry and accessories that only I would wear. This webshop is actually a big jewelry and accessories box with items you would also find in my own jewelry box.

It is my dream to see everyone walking around the streets with my own jewelry and accessories.

My biggest irritation is jewelry that discolors.
That's why I only sell jewelry that is made of gold plated or stainless steel so it won't discolor.

Have fun shopping!